Charming the Money
Are you convinced that money come only if work is hard, difficult and boring ?
This conviction is blocking the flow of your feminine energy – instead, I can teach you how to activate your charm and magic to become the money magnet. 
 Do you want to wake up happy every day and focus only on your passion?

 Do you want to attract significant money through your passionate work?

 Do you want to open up your Feminine Energy, become more charming and intriguing?

 Do you want to deepen your intuition and transform negative thoughts into attractive charisma?

 Do you want to enjoy healthy relationships with lots of gifts and flowers from your husband?

My new online program 
"Charming the Money"
January 6 - 10
3 video trainings with Kat
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What is included in the program? 
 6 powerful practices to try with Kat, and repeat by yourself when you need it
3. Activation of base female energy “Wild Cat” –behavioral technique to uncover and develop your feminine talents. You will become more sensual, tender, intriguing, with stronger intuition.
4. Technique “Transform the Negative” – learn to retarget all negative emotions and events into money energy. Work with your Envy and Jealousy feelings. Technique gives strong energy to grow and focus your resources into positive creation. 
5. Neuro – techniques“Freebies” and“Money Magnet” – to attract unexpected gifts, easy money, small material bonuses, find long-lost things, win giveaways and discounts. Easy small pleasant surprises for everyday life. 
6. The Money Game – daily mental technique to focus the energy on your goals and wealth. Will make your dreams to come true faster. 
1. Powerful mental practice “GIFTS” to become the magnet for free wonderful things in life. Will increase amount of gifts you receive from husband and friends – and also interesting surprises from life – opportunities, lucky meetings and events.
2. Technique “Geisha Meditation” - ancient technique to increase your charm and femininity, to attract positivity, love and attention from people, increase your charisma.
 Guided meditations to access Theta – state of your brain and melt the mental blocks.

 Elimination of subconscious fears and blocks related to receiving Money and Gifts.

 Powerful affirmations during Theta-state to re-program your brain and activate money – seeking subconscious pathways.

 Deep relaxation to release hidden feminine energy, typically blocked by daily stress and routine.

 Fun, easy and happy energy in our closed WhatsApp chat with likeminded ladies transforming themselves along with you. Success stories and early wins.
How does it work?
 Chandrika, July 2019
“It was wonderful and so insightful.. I loved The way you explain the points and have patience to explain even smallest doubts”
What other participants of my webinars say
“It was mind blowing. Deep thoughts. Full of knowledge. Motivational and based on reality” 
Dr.Lalita, August 2019
July 2019
“When Kat answered my question, I felt connection like eye-to-eye, and the guidance, which moved me a lot!"
Dr. Swati, July 2019
“It was indeed a pleasant and happy seminar, an eye opener for daily moments. Felt wonderful full of love and gratitude from inside. Trying to follow amazing hacks in day to day life"
Chittal, August 2019
@She is amazing, love the simple steps and ways to achieve happiness! of course something’s are difficult to make it happen in my lifestyle but I will try best and enjoy the taste of happiness with my partner . Am really grateful for the session” 
- Lifestyle and wellness coach
- 2 years of running Happiness Recharge program
- Two Master of Science degrees (Biochemistry and Biophysics) from Canada and Russia,
- MBA Wharton USA
- Passionate about blending science with spirituality
- Renown lifestyle, Fitness and Parenting blogger (Instagram @oneupbaby 48K followers)
- Coaching topics: Make Happiness, Dream Relationship, Baby Sleep, Fitness and Weightloss, Money, personal one-on-one success coaching
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